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Tax Services In Singapore

We Provide Professional Tax Advisory Services in Singapore

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Still getting flustered in tax payment season? We will help you overcome your fears and any obstacle you face, regardless of individual or business needs. Speak to us and our team of experts will over 30 years of professional experience assess your situation and determine the best course of action.

Let us help you handle your financial worries. Our trusted financial advisor will offer individualized support customized to your company's needs, backed up by our years of experience and account management in Singapore. Contact us today, and put your worries away!


Professional IRAS Tax Advisory Service in Singapore

All incorporated companies in Singapore are required to submit annual tax returns under the Singapore Income Tax Act. At Jazcorp, we formulate solutions and analyse the financial situation of our clients to help them get the most out of their tax returns and policies. Through filings, companies can claim and be eligible for exemptions, rebates and grants under the latest Singapore policies.

We aim to provide a range of professional services, including GST Filing, to help our clients navigate through tax problems. Our services include:

  • Corporate Tax Computation

  • Corporate Tax Submission

  • Tax Advisory

  • Assistance with Tax Investigation & Audit


With the opening of markets and the signing of international and bilateral trade treaties, barriers are being broken down, and corporate operations and ownership are travelling internationally. These present complicated obstacles and complex financial issues that must not be overlooked. If these difficulties are not addressed, organisations may be exposed to greater risks, which may increase the overall cost of doing business.

People are a company's most valuable asset, and they can make or break your organisation's success. In today's environment, an employer must know the regulations in order to comply with them, as well as plan for their employees' remuneration and employment arrangements in order to minimise penalties and risks and reduce corporate costs.


Organising your parts of the company to take advantage of tax breaks necessitates in-depth knowledge. At Jazcorp, we perform an in-depth review of your corporate structure before offering industry-leading insight into the best long-term benefits for you. Jazcorp can also assist you with all parts of your compliance obligations in order to give comprehensive corporate solutions.

Our experts at Jazzcorp are experienced to help our clients lower their tax payables. We help to ensure the completeness & punctuality of filing and returns to avoid incurring costly penalties. This helps our client optimise their resources and refine the working of the company.

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